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  • September 16, 2020 11:35 AM | Anonymous member

    City Senior Bicycle Planner Kate Brady presented the latest updates about bicycling lanes, safety infrastructure and general news to the CSCC membership at the Annual Business Meeting Part 2 on Sept 15, 2020.   Her presentation to Club members is found at 

    Kate Brady 09152020_CSCC.pdf.

    Stay tuned for member invitations to board meetings with a speaker series starting in October!

  • July 30, 2020 3:41 PM | Anonymous member

    Bicycle Colorado and BikeCOS hosted a great webinar about bike safety improvements and infrastructure plans, and how to help advocate.  Webinar found here:

  • February 24, 2020 5:19 PM | Anonymous member

    The latest edition of the Club’s Newsletter, the February 2020 edition of the Bent Fork Chronicles, is now available for your reading pleasure. Just CLICK HERE to be able to enjoy the latest information of interest to the Colorado Springs cycling community.

    In this edition, there are a variety of articles that we believe will interest Club members and others in the Pikes Peak Region. Take a look at our Editor’s Comments for details about this newsletter’s contents.

    We’ve enjoyed pulling together and publishing the Bent Fork since 2009. Unfortunately, all good things must come to a close. This is the last edition of the Bent Fork that Sharon and Dale will publish. After a decade plus of being creative with our editorial work, we’re stepping down. We’re turning the reins over the next person(s) who would like to contribute their writing and editorial skills for the Club.

    Enjoy reading what we’ve published for you in our final edition. And, as always, stay safe when you get out there and ride!

    Best Regards,

    Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell

    Bent Fork Co-Editors

  • February 08, 2019 12:27 PM | Anonymous member

    Welcome to the first edition of 2019 for the Bent Fork Chronicles. We’re now into our second year of publishing on the new website and continue to be thankful for the improvement in the publication process. We hope that you continue to enjoy reading this downloadable and printable format. If you have suggestions for improvement in either the format or the content, please let us know. Just send a note to to get your ideas and suggestions to us.

    Remember that you’ll be able to simply print the PDF file and read the newsletter offline at your leisure!

    As with previous issues over the years since Sharon and Dale have been the Bent Fork Editors (that’s since October 2010), we’ve continued to provide a variety of articles that we believe will interest Club members and cyclists in the Colorado Springs community. These include:

    • Prez Says updates and comments
    • Summaries of Club events and rides
    • Introduction to Gravel Rides
    • Travelogues from Club members
    • Interesting articles about cycling and cycling safety
    • Membership updates, and
    • Cycling Thoughts to Ponder

    Take a look at what we’ve provided for you with this 1Q2019 edition. Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement. In the meantime, we’ll continue to investigate various publication techniques to better improve the appearance and content of the Bent Fork!

    Sharon Boyd & Dale Campbell
    Bent Fork Co-Editors

  • March 31, 2018 6:00 AM | Anonymous member

    Sara Hill: Membership Coordinator

    Each month more and more cyclists in Colorado Springs have either renewed their membership or have become new members of the Colorado Spring Cycling Club (CSCC).  To become a member of the Club, annual dues for an individual membership are $21, and for a family membership, the annual dues are $28.  Membership not only provides you with the opportunity to participate in our many biking and social activities, but also enables you to be covered by the Club’s insurance while participating in a Club sanctioned activity.


    Note that signing up on Meetup is not the same as becoming a member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club.  Meetup enables those on the Meetup list to view and receive notices about the Club’s calendar of events.  But, being on Meetup does not enable the insurance coverage and does not enable attending certain Club events throughout the year.  Please pass this update along to anyone who might be on Meetup but has not yet joined the Club.


    With the new website support, renewal notices will be emailed automatically, including grace period notices.  Additionally, when logging into the website, notification of dues will automatically pop up starting in the renewal month.  Membership is automatically dropped 60 days after renewal date if the dues are still unpaid.  Further, renewal notices are mailed once a month, as are past due notices.


     (1) Family memberships are eligible for two adult online logins. With each login, members can comment on the message boards or respond to surveys independently.  If you wish to have a second adult login, please contact Membership at  Click on the “Join” button on the website homepage.  Provide the following information: Name on membership account, secondary member's name and email along with a preferred username. If you have a preference for billing identity, indicate this as well.


    (2) Has your personal information changed?  Don't forget you can update your mailing address, phone numbers and email at any time by logging into the membership area and clicking the "Change Contact/Profile Information" link under Member Information.  You can even change your username.

    (3) You can check your membership payment status online - and pay online as well.

    If you have questions regarding membership, please contact Sara Hill, Membership Coordinator.

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