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Colorado Springs Cycling Club
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CSCC Rider Responsibility Agreement

Cyclist’s Code of Conduct

Think of this as the etiquette of ridership. Riders have a right to expect this from ride facilitators and from each other.

As a cyclist with the Colorado Springs Cycling Club (CSCC), I understand safety is the cyclist’s number one priority. As such, I will:

1.       Ride my bicycle in a safe and predictable manner to enable me and those around me to enjoy the ride.

2.       Be aware that as a bicyclist, I am required to follow the same rules of the road as motor vehicles, as defined by Colorado State law.

3.       Ride single file on all two-lane roads when there are vehicles present to allow vehicles to safely pass and still maintain a three-foot separation from me as defined by Colorado State law.

4.       Ride as far to the right as is practicable in the absence of sharrows, bike lanes and other road markings designating the bicycle rider's position on the road.

5.       Show courtesy to vehicles on the road by not blocking right turn lanes or intersections, passing between vehicles and then pulling in front of them or stopping in a location that presents an obstacle to traffic.

6.       Ride in a manner that will help motorists and other cyclists understand my intentions during the ride (directional changes, lane choices, etc.).

7.       On trails, ride in a manner that will help other cyclists, runners and pedestrians understand my intentions during the ride (directional changes, lane choices, alert them when passing).

8.       Ride in a manner that is conducive to riding safely in a group. That is, alert others with hand or verbal signals, as appropriate of oncoming and over taking vehicles, road hazards and directional changes for the group or myself.

9.       Always ride in control. Ride safely among others, maintaining space to stop suddenly if I have to, come to a complete stop at stoplights/stop signs, and avoid obstacles – all without causing harm to myself or others

10.   Act in a manner which is compatible with the purpose of CSCC as defined in the bylaws.

11.   Show a positive commitment to CSCC’s policies, rules, procedures, guidelines and agreements.

12.   Respect the Ride Leader and Sweep, and cooperate with their guidance and instruction during the ride.

13.   Accord people involved in cycling with the appropriate courtesy, respect and regard for their rights and obligations.

14.   Make sure my bicycle is in a safe operating condition prior to joining each Club organized ride (Perform an LAB ABC Quick Check: Air, Brakes, Cranks and Chain, Quick Releases, Check it over).

15.   Be in a physical condition that will enable me to enjoy the Club ride selected.

16.   Be prepared for the expected weather conditions during the scheduled ride.

17.   Dress appropriately for the selected ride, based on the expected weather conditions.

18.   Carry water and nourishment to enable me to safely complete and enjoy the ride selected.

19.   Be ready for the unexpected and ride defensively.

20.   Uphold the standing and reputation of cycling within Colorado.

21.   Thank other road users when I can to let them know I am happy they yielded to me by waving, smiling, or giving them a ‘thumbs up.’

22.   Be prepared to make basic repairs to my bicycle including repairing a flat tire and making simple adjustments to my bicycle to the best of my abilities.

23.   Carry the tools and spare parts needed to make basic repairs to my bicycle such as a spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, tire pump and a multi-tool.

24.   Refrain from making repairs to another riders’ bicycle unless they specifically request assistance.

Colorado Springs Cycling Club, Inc.
CSCC is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.
PO Box 49602, Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9602

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