National Bike Challenge started may 1st

The 2016 National Bike Challenge (NBC) started MAY 1st! You log in at the same web site (link below) using your existing NBC ID and password. Or if you are new to NBC go to the same link and "join". Our Club team is "Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014". To summarize the rules - YOU EARN 20 POINTS EVERY DAY you take your bike out and ride AND you get A POINT FOR EVERY MILE YOU RIDE. You don't have to ride far to earn points for the team - you just have to ride often. If you get out a few times a week then you'll be healthier - and that is what this is all about. We have no influence how other individuals and teams results will turn out. Only have one team goal: Let's get at least 1 more rider than we had riding on the team last year - we'd like 118 people signed up and ride with the CSCC team.

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Calling all artists!

We are inviting CSCC members to submit their ideas for a new CSCC logo to help commemorate CSCC's 30th anniversary. The rules are simple: Your submission can be virtually any format, jpeg, tif, gif, etc., and can be color, but must translate well to black and white. The logo must have a bicycle in it and the words "Colorado Springs Cycling Club". Submit entries to, and make sure your name and contact info is in your email. Contest ends May 15. The winner will receive a CSCC 30th anniversary jersey!

Monthly Club Miles Updates

The Club resumed updating and posting Club Miles. These are gathered from info you put on ride sheets before we start a ride. The files are located on the CSCC web site under the Ride Info "pull down menu"; in the "CSCC Miles" folder. The "Dashboard" has the total miles trends for the months of the year compared to data beginning from 2007. The "Detail" link sorts this year's riders alphabetically, by total miles ridden, and by number of rides ridden. Both files will be updated the beginning of each month to add info from the past month to the year's totals.


Register for BVBF!

Buena Vista Bike Fest registration is now open! Click "more" to sign up for the ride, or volunteer (or both). Routes and rest stops are the same as last year.

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Letter to Past BVBF Riders

You should soon see an invitation to register for the Buena Vista Bike Fest yet. CSCC has stepped aside as the manager of this event. The Buena Vista Rotary Club now has full rights to BVBF, and they have had some challenges in getting the registration up and running. The following letter provides more information.

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Rides This Week

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We’re gearing up for summer riding! Lots of rides have been added to the ride calendar – the Sunday Hill Climb, the Snojets Mountain Bike Rides and more.  An out-of-town ride, the Tour of the Valley, is coming up August 13th. Rick Rodriguez is riding the Triple By-Pass July 9th and would like to ride with other CSCC members.  CSCC members are invited to sign up for these rides, and we are coordinating carpooling, room sharing and other details. Check the calendar for more info, and be sure to click on the “Other Rides” tab as well to see more options.

The CSCC meeting on Tuesday April 5th at the Velodrome was a blast. It was a short meeting with Chris Schmidt the Velodrome supervisor doing Q&A with us on the Velodrome and the giant tent that’s covering it. Then it was through the airlock to the infield for the races and Chick-Fil-A treats. A few world champions were on the track!

The eight changes that needed to be made to the by-laws were passed in the online voting. 72 club members voted – possibly the best turn out ever.  One of the changes allows us to create a new club logo. So, to commemorate CSCC’s 30th anniversary, we are having a logo contest. The winner will receive a 30th anniversary jersey. See the news item to the left for more details.

The May 3 member’s meeting will be held at our regular meeting location at the El Paso County Citizen’s Service Center off Garden of the Gods Road. Vince Cloward from TOPS will be there to bring us up to date on the status of our trails system, and fill us in on the Starlight Spectacular. CSCC will have a rest stop at Bancroft Park again this year and we will need volunteers. Keep an eye out for more details soon.
And speaking of trails, there will be ribbon cutting this month at the Cottonwood Creek Trail and bridge. We will try to get the word out as soon as possible and organize a ride to the festivities.  

Bill Gast will be leading the Sunday Social Rides in April, and there will be a one-stop Mystery Ride in April led by Lee Murphy. WE NEED SUNDAY SOCIAL RIDE LEADERS FOR MAY. Please contact Jean Zeh if you would be interested in helping out – you could lead just one ride or several.

Club miles for the first quarter of 2016 have been posted – CSCC is riding LOTS. Check your miles at The National Bike Challenge is gearing up for the May start, and Charlie Czarniecki will be the CSCC organizer. Look for a news item to be posted soon, and come along for the ride!

Janine Hegeman, President   719-291-3814