June Full Moon Ride

Four people made the Jun 19th Full Moon Ride. They met at Gossage Park, and ate at McAlister's Deli (watched the moon rise from their table at the Deli's front window). Pete G. took this picture from the Santa Fe Trail just north of the Woodman Bridge. The group rode to the USAFA Ice Lake and enjoyed the quiet isolation. The next Full Moon is July 19th (Ride either 17th or 19th).

NBC Daily Update

As our National Bike Challenge (NBC) Team administrator I check our team, city, and state rankings each day. To make it easier for everyone I am updating that record within the Club web structure, see the link below. The "as of" date in the left corner of the table will show how fresh the data is. Our team name is "Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014". It is never too late to join the team and ride. AT THE END OF MAY THE TEAM WAS NATIONALLY #8 of over 1,700 teams.

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National Bike Challenge started may 1st

The 2016 National Bike Challenge (NBC) started MAY 1st! You log in at the same web site (link below) using your existing NBC ID and password. Or if you are new to NBC go to the same link and "join". Our Club team is "Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014". To summarize the rules - YOU EARN 20 POINTS EVERY DAY you take your bike out and ride AND you get A POINT FOR EVERY MILE YOU RIDE. You don't have to ride far to earn points for the team - you just have to ride often. If you get out a few times a week then you'll be healthier - and that is what this is all about. We have no influence how other individuals and teams results will turn out. Only have one team goal: Let's get at least 1 more rider than we had riding on the team last year - we'd like 118 people signed up and ride with the CSCC team.

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Rides This Week

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Summer has arrived. I’ve been busy, settling in to a new job, and of course, RIDING. My new commute is 12 miles, about half of what is used to be. I hope you’ve been riding lots too, tracking your miles on NBC and enjoying this great weather and all the rides available. There’s plenty going on in the Pikes Peak area and with CSCC. This is CSCC’s 30th year and many changes are happening. For example, CSCC is now on MeetUp – please check the calendar there and join if you haven’t already.  

Charlie Czarniecki is leading a ride through Eleven Mile Canyon on Friday June 17. Break out that mountain bike! The scenery is beautiful along the relatively flat dirt road next to the South Platte River. Charlie is also the team captain for CSCC’s National Bike Challenge (NBC) team. NBC run by People for Bikes, a national bicycle advocacy organization and is tracking the mileage of individuals, teams, cities, states and businesses. This information is used to promote better opportunities for cycling. Our team is currently 8th in the country! See the news item to the left and contact Charlie to join and add your miles.

On June 18th, the ever-popular Starlight Spectacular lifts off. Register for this ride under the stars or lend a hand at the CSCC rest stop in Bancroft Park in Old Colorado City. See the news item to the left. June 22nd brings Bike to Work Day. Please join me at 6 a.m. at the Goose Gossage Park and let’s ride downtown with Mayor Suthers. Let’s let him know we appreciate all efforts to improve cycling infrastructure in Colorado Springs. (We will be riding on newly surfaced portions of the Greenway trail too).

Ride Leader Training is now being offered by the CSCC Ride Committee. This training has been developed using League of American Bicyclists training, and specifically adapted to the requirements and procedures of CSCC. I highly recommend that if you take this course if you have led rides for CSCC, or are thinking about lending a hand in that arena. We can’t keep this club running without our ride leaders! Please check the Meetup calendar for details. Speaking of Ride Leaders, the Ride Leader Recognition held on May 22 at Red Leg Brewery was a BLAST! It is sure to become a CSCC tradition.

The Annual Shady Lane Ride is coming up on July 4th. This is a very social, easy ride through some of the “coolest” places in town.  Our annual Summer Picnic will be held July 10 (there will be no Club meeting at the El Paso County Citizens Service Center in July). Details are still in the works; please keep an eye on your email, the website and MeetUp for info.

Finally, we are refreshing our logo to celebrate CSCC’s 30th year. The logo contest voting is underway, with four finalists to choose from. If you are new to the club, and missed the initial notice of the voting, please email me and I’ll send you the survey. Be safe, have fun and come along for the ride!

Janine Hegeman, President   719-291-3814