Annual Picnic

The Club's annual Picnic was July 19th. It was held at Cheyenne CaƱon Mesa Park which is in the Broadmoor area on South Cheyenne Canyon Road between Starsmore Discovery Center and the 7 Falls entrance. We had 45 people ride at 1pm. 60 people attended the picnic at 3pm. There was a short rain shower just after the ride ended; the park's shelters kept the riders and band dry. There was live music entertainment provided by Bill Gast's brother's band. Thanks to Bill and his helpers for making this a fantastic summer activity.

June Membership Meeting Minutes

Linked below are the meeting minutes prepared by Sharon Boyd.

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Tour de France TV Schedule

The Tour rides from July 4th - 26th. Most of the coverage is on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) and on NBC. Our NBC station is KOAA channel 5. NBCSN is on DIRECTV channel 220. The Link takes you to the NBCSN listing of TV coverage for the Tour and the USA Pro Challenge (Aug 14th - 23rd).

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Starlight Spectacular Rest Stop

The Starlight Spectacular was Saturday June 20th. The Club had about 20 people help at our Rest Stop at Bancroft Park our Sunshine Casino. TOSC (the Starlight organizer) said there were 1,400 riders this year for a new ride record. The weather was great. The City had the route's roads in great shape. Thanks to our volunteers and our leaders (CeCe Beauchamp and Sara Hill) for getting us organized.

BVBF Rest Stop 2/4

The 17th annual Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) was June 6th. Over 520 riders joined the Club to go between BV and Leadville. Pictured are Chris, Teresa, and Barb joining Dirk the Blackjack dealer at the Sunshine Casino (rest stop #2 & #4) south of Leadville. BIG THANKS to the organizing committee and all the volunteers that made the day such a great success.

2015 National Bike Challenge

Join the 4th annual National Bike Challenge (NBC). Click on the link below, then click on the red "Join Now" link on the top of the page. From there you fill out your profile to include your EMAIL address, create a password and then fill out your profile. At this point you can post a picture from your computer hard drive to represent you. You can sign up for our team by searching for and joining "Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014" (you don't have to be a Club member to join our team). Make sure you hit the "Register" button on the bottom of the page to capture all the data. Now you are ready to enter ride data from the first of May. Ride safe and update often.

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Hi All,

The Club annual Picnic was July 19th.  See the news column for details.  Bill Gast and his helpers made this a picnic to remember.  The park was isolated, the city had picnic tables there for us, Bill's brother provided live music for us, and everyone had a great time.

Bike month in Colorado and Colorado Springs is June.  The cities Bike to Work Day and Breakfast was June 24th.  We had a lot of Club members ride in the Mayor's Ride and attend breakfast at the many Colorado Springs locations.  If you rode that day then send your miles to Jean Zeh at

The 17th annual Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) was June 6th!!!!  I rode a century in 6:54 saddle time, it was my 53rd Century since my 1st one in 1995.  We had over 520 other riders join us that day.  There was a little rain, but none of it fell on me as I rode the course.  Thanks to all the Club volunteers and the organizing committee that made this day so great.  A reminder that everyone who rode that day needs to send their miles to Jean Zeh  . 

The Board of Directors met at our home on June 23rd.  We finalized plans for the July 19th Annual Picnic and got a great start for this year's Holiday Party that will be Saturday Dec 12th.  We also started organizing the nomination committee for the officer elections coming this November.  The 4 officer positions will be open for 2 year terms.

The next Club membership meeting is Aug 4th at the GoG Citizen Service Center.  Snacks start at 6pm and meeting starts at 6:30.

The 2015 National Bike Challenge started May 1stWe (Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014 team) have 144 riders listed on the team and so far 88 have posted miles in July (109 for the entire Challenge).  As of July 21st for the entire challenge we are #1 of the 112 Colorado teams and #10 of the 1,847 national teams (for month of July we just moved into #10 nationally by just a few points last week).   When May ended the Club team was #1 in Colorado and #14 Nationally.  Please update your miles (even May, June, and July miles) often.  You earn 20 points every day you ride your bike and to get another point for every mile that you ride.  Every point helps.  See the note later in this column for more details and the news item on the left column for details on how to join the Challenge and our team.

The Sunday Social Ride start location is at Acacia Park.  See the Ride Calendar for details.  July 12th was a "Mystery Ride" stop at the Colorado College campus.

Bob and Ann Smith resumed the Monday Dinner Ride.  The August rides depart from America the Beautiful Park.  See the ride calendar for details.  This is the 29th year that they have led  this annual Club activity.

National Bike Challenge started May 1st.  We are still riding as the team called Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014.  That team already has our riders captured from last year.  Those members just need to log back on with last year's userID and password, and start logging your miles.  New people can join the Challenge and our team by going to .  Call me if you need help (266-0776).  During the March and April practice period our team has been in the top 20 teams in the nation.  Please consider joining and help us stay in the top 20 during the May 1- Sept 30 Challenge.  26 new members are on board so far for this year.

Charlie Czar               719-266-0776