The Tour d'Turkey was Nov 22nd as the Sunday Social Ride. Bill Gast led about 25 riders on a route through the Springs west side and through the Garden of the Gods. And for the 1st time in 3 years there was no snow! It was a beautiful day for a bike ride - despite an unusual number of flats. This year the riders brought food stuffs that was donated to a local food bank. The picture shows the 49 pounds of food that was donated.

Club Officer Elections are now

Every 2 years the Club elects our Officer leadership team. Members received an EMAIL BLAST on Nov 22 with voting instruction. The polls are open from Nov 22 through Dec 8th. PLEASE VOTE for your Club.

Holiday Party Details

Linked below are the details about the Dec 12th CSCC Holiday Party that will be held at the downtown Pioneers' Museum. Pay attention to the dates that the price goes up. We have space for only 100 people so register early to make sure you have a seat. Also remember that Costumes are Encouraged - people found in this museum or people found in the "Night at the Museum" movie series. The registration link is contained in the linked details.

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November Membership Meeting Minutes.

November Membership Meeting Minutes provided by Sharon Boyd are linked below.

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Buena Vista Bike Fest (BVBF) Transferred to BV Rotary Club

The BVBF was a labor of love by a core group of the Club. That group was getting smaller every year and the task of organizing this big event over in Buena Vista was daunting for the rest of our membership. After a year of talking to the BV community their Rotary Club stepped forward to continue this annual bike festival. Linked below is the final Memorandum of Understanding between us that transfers the Club event Program Plan and resources to the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club assisted us this year during the 17th Annual BVBF. THE 18th ANNUAL BVBF WILL BE JUNE 4th 2016.

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Gordy Rothoff Ride Donations

Gordy Rothoff rode on Club rides over the years. With changes in his life he said he will only be riding a trainer in the future. He collected all his XL riding jerseys and donated to the Club for anyone who is interested. They will be available at the Jan 5th Club meeting at GoG Community Services Center.

Vincent Bridge on the Cottonwood Trail

Have you been along the Cottonwood Trail by the old Vincent Street Bridge lately? Many of us thought the City was going to make the old auto bridge the connector for the bike/walking trail. They dropped a new trail bridge in between the new and old auto bridges. When they are done in 2016 they will leave all 3 bridges at this location.

Colorful Trail Rides

The Greenway Trail has been colorful for weeks. It is an exceptional local resource! You need to ride it soon before the wind and snow knock all the leaves to the ground.

October Membership Meeting Minutes

October Membership Meeting Minutes provided by Sharon Boyd are linked below.

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Progressive Dinner Ride

The annual Progressive Dinner Ride was Oct 25th. The stops were hosted by Maurie Shannon, Al & Pat Severn, and Sara Hill. We had 55 riders make this 15 mile course. A big thanks to our hosts, Social Chairman Bill Gast, and Ride Chairperson Jean Zeh.

Denver Bear Creek Trail Club Ride

On 17 October Skip led 9 members on an out-of-town ride using the trail system in Denver. They rode from the Aspen Grove Park & Ride trailhead along the Mary Carter Trail North to the Bear Creek Trail then West to the C-470 Trial over to Morrison for lunch at The Cow Eatery. They returned along the same route back to Aspen Grove - covered just over 40 miles. It was a gorgeous day, riding beautiful trails with a fantastic group of people. What more could you want.

September Membership Meeting Minutes

September Membership Meeting Minutes provided by Sharon Boyd are linked below.

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Hi All,

Club elections began Nov 22nd and close on Dec 8th.  Club members received the EMAIL blast notification with instructions how to vote and how to edit your ballot up until the polls close on Dec 8th.  The positions of VP and Secretary had no candidates accept a nomination so everyone should submit their choice as a "write-in".  The officers lead the Club with the help of the Club's Board of Directors.  It is time now to select our leadership team for the next 2 years.

The Club membership meeting was Nov 3rd at the GoG Citizen Service Center.  We covered the long list of special Club rides getting set up through Jan 1st.  The minutes are found in a news item on the left column.  The next Club meeting will be 5 January 2016 at the Citizen Service Center.  Snacks start at 6pm and meeting starts at 6:30.

We have a team of ride leaders that will lead the November Sunday Social Rides, start location is at Acacia Park.  See the Ride Calendar for details.  Nov 29th will be a special one-stop Mystery Ride led by Lee Murphy.  The December rides will be led by Allen Beauchamp.

The Club Holiday Party details were released by EMAIL Blast and are also in the news item on the left.  Registration and tiered pricing are opened now, we can only accommodate 100 people this year at the Pioneers Museum location.  As of Nov 22nd 68 people have already registered.  Don't delay.  The Party is Dec 12th - a Saturday night.

The 2015 National Bike Challenge started May 1st and ended Sept 30th.  We (Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014 team) had 147 riders listed on the team and 117 logged miles during the Challenge.  For the entire challenge we were #1 of the 122 Colorado teams and #12 again of the 1,953 national teams. When May ended the Club team was #1 in Colorado and #14 Nationally. 

Remember that a stop sign means STOP, let's make sure we put a foot on the ground before riding on.

Charlie Czar                  719-266-0776