Liebers complete Family Trans-American Bike tour

CONGRATS TO TEAM/FAMILY LIEBER!!! They returned home July 3rd about 10:30pm. The Liebers (L to R Chris, Vicki, Evan & Lydia in this picture from Astoria OR) completed their journey across the United States over 7 summers (2 weeks at a time) totals 4,422 miles, spanning 103 days. Included within these 103 days are 7 rest days. The most days they rode in a row without a day off was 15. They averaged 46 miles per day. The furthest they pedaled in a day was 89, aided by a strong tailwind in Kansas. The fewest number of miles ridden in a day was 13 in Kansas (the day after riding 89 miles the fickle winds changed direction over night and we had to battle ferocious headwinds).

They are incredibly grateful to have their dear friend (and Club member) Chris Davenport (right in picture), who pedaled every pedal stroke with them from Breckenridge CO to the Pacific Ocean, as a vital member of Team Lieber. She has seen our family at its best and it's worst, injected fresh conversation, perspective and humor when we needed it most, and inspired us to find and celebrate the good that happens each day.

We'll have more words and pictures in the next Club Bent Fork.

July 20th annual picnic

There was no Club meeting in July. In stead we will had the Annual Picnic on Sunday July 20th. We had about 90 people participate. There were 5 different rides that launched in the morning and food was served just after noon. Thanks to Social Chairperson Bill Gast and his host of volunteers for making it a great day.

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Starlight Thank you letter from TOSC

Click on the link below to see the Thank You letter and note to the Club for the continued help with the Starlight Spectacular.

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Join the national bike challenge

Join the League of American Bicyclists 3rd annual National Bike Challenge (NBC). Click on the link below, then click on the red Join link in the center of the page. From there you enter your EMAIL address and create a password. With that done, fill out your profile. At this point you can post a picture from your computer hard drive to represent you. You can sign up for our team by searching for and joining "Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014" (you don't have to be a Club member to join our team). Make sure you hit the "save" button on the bottom of the page to capture all the data. Now you are ready to enter ride data from the first of the month. Ride safe and update often.

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Hi All,

There is no July Club meeting.  We had the annual Club Picnic on Sunday, July 20th.  We had a head count of 75 at one point and then a few more people showed up toward the end, so we think we had about 90 people all together.  Thanks to Social Chairperson Bill Gast and his host of helpers for both planning the day and reacting to the morning surprise that the usual Park picnic tables were gone.

The next Club meeting is Tuesday, Aug 5th at the Garden of the God's Citizen Center in our usual 1st floor conference room by the west door.  TOSC will attend to update the Club on the Starlight Spectacular.  Then the Liebers agreed to share their 7 year adventure crossing the US on bike with us.  Snacks begin about 6pm and the meeting at 6:30.

Wednesday afternoon (July 16th) I was riding my Trek down to the post office to check the CSCC PO Box at 2:15.  I was south of the elemetary school on Centennial when I heard a "swish...swish...swish" and a rough ride.  I had a flat in the back and threatening skies over head.  I walked to a dentist office but they had no covered entry, so I walked across the street to the covered entry at the Morman church and started to break down my wheel to look for the flat.  That is where I spent the big hail storm.  The direction of the hail switched as the storm passed.  I hugged the 3ft-wide pillar seeking protection from the pelting, moving as the wind changed.  EVERYTHING GOT WET!!  After the storm passed I walked up to Centennial and saw the south bound lanes were a fast flowing brown river covering all lanes and as high as the center median.  I returned and finally found the punture on my side wall and made a quick and wet fix.  I put one of the large "zip lock" baggies (that I carry to keep mail and ride sheets dry) over my saddle and continued to the post office - we got one letter.  I rode up the drainage channel trail in Reed Ranch for my return trip (opting to stay away from the road as much as possible).  The water wasn't as high as I suspected, but I had to ride my street tires through hail drifts.  It is only a 7.2 mile trip, but it took over 90 minutes that day.  Thursday morning most of my gear was dry except my riding gloves and Trek saddle (so I rode my trail bike as we checked out Monument Creek during our morning ride). 

The Club Board of Directors meeting was held at our house on Jun 24th.  We covered a lot of topics, but I'll just mention one here.  Three members were officially added to the board IAW our By-Laws.  Ginny Barber fills the empty 3rd Member at Large position for 2014.  Dan Martin and Randy Susman were approved to the Web Site position and are transisitoning that position from Bob Smith over the next year.   

Bike to work Day was Wednesday, June 25th.  Seven of us rode with the City Council on their 6am Cruise.  I counted 19 Club members at the Acacia Park Breakfast.  There were 3 other locations around town.  IF YOU RODE TO ANY OF THEM FOR BREAKFAST THEN SEND THOSE MILES TO JEAN ZEH.

Starlight Spectacular was Saturday Jun 14th.  See the news items for details of our Club Rest Stop at Bancroft Park.  A special thanks to the Club members that volunteered at that Rest Stop.  I posted the special thank you note that the Club received from TOSC.  IF YOU RODE THAT NIGHT THEN SEND THOSE MILES TO JEAN ZEH.

the 16th annual Buena Vista Bike Fest was Saturday Jun 7th.  Over 600 people rode with us that day.  For a change the weather was great on Saturday and the weather bothered us on the Sunday volunteer rides.  See the news item in the left column for more details.   IF YOU RODE BFBV on SATURDAY THEN SEND THOSE MILES TO JEAN ZEH.

Dale Campbell and Sharon Boyd are leading the July Sunday Social Rides from Acacia Park.  See the Ride Calendar for details.

Lee Murphy's 3rd Annual Mystery Bike Ride is August 9th.  See the Ride Calendar for details and to RSVP.

National Bike Challenge started May 1st.  Our team name is Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014.  As of Jul 20th we had 103 team members and 102 had posted miles.  We were 12th among 1,215 national teams for Jul and 13th for the entire Challenge In Colorado we are the #2 Team, behind the Bike Commuter Cabal that has 112 members but only 5 are from CO???

Dave Horne is back at Liberty Heights in room B-13 and welcomes visitors.  Hours there are 8a to 8p.

A stop signs menas stop for everyone riding in the group.  Let's make an effort to put a foot on the ground at all stop signs.

Charlie Czar  :-)     719-266-0776