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  • December 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    Download the December 2016/January 2017 Bent Fork Chronicles (PDF)


    • Prez Says
    • Riding in India – Two by Tandem
    • Research Parkway Pilot Program – Thoughts from the Cycling Community
    • Tour of the Moon – October 1, 2016
    • Celebrating 30 Years: What’s in the Next Thirty for CSCC?
    • Meet Our Newest Sponsor – the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort
    • Safety Stop: Think-Ride-Promote Safety
    • Ride Sweeps – the Unsung Heroes!
    • 2GO™ Coconut Oil: A Ready Source of Energy, At-the-Ready
    • Welcome in the Season with Some Music
    • Editors’ Comments
    • Upcoming Club Meetings
    • Have You Signed Up for the Holiday Party?
    • Have You Ordered Your New CSCC Jersey Yet?
    • Bike Tech – Helmets That Have Multiple Safety Purposes
    • Bike Tech 2 – SkunkLock Bicycle Lock
    • Bike Tech 3 – Are Bicycles Impacting the Planet?
    • We Recognize a Fallen Club Member
    • Bent Fork – Pedaling for St. Pat’s Bicycle Ride
    • CSCC Club Mileage – Take a Look
    • National Bike Challenge – 2016 Final Results!
    • Membership Update
    • Special Activities & Rides of Interest!
    • A Quote to Ponder
  • October 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    Download the October/November 2016 Bent Fork Chronicles (PDF)

    • Prez Says
    • Europe by Bike & Barge
    • Pedal the Plains – A Day to Day Perspective
    • Lee’s Mystery Ride 2016
    • Hawaii: What’s It Like Biking in a Tropical Urban or
    • Oceanside Environment?
    • Thanks from a Friend!
    • Sharing Knowledge to Increase Protected Bike Lanes
    • Celebrating 30 Years: Recollections of the Past 10 Years
    • Bike Advocacy, Demystified
    • Nearly 28 Million Americans Do Not Know How to Ride a Bicycle
    • 10 Annoying Things Cyclists Should Stop Doing
    • Here’s Something to Consider
    • Editor's Comments
    • Plan to Attend the Next CSCC Meeting!
    • Upcoming Social Events –Get Out Your Calendar!
    • National Bike Challenge 2016 Comes to an End
    • Run into a Road or Trail Issue Recently?
    • Did You Enjoy These September Rides?
    • CSCC’s Educational Focus
    • "Buffered" Bike Lanes Coming to Research Parkway in Colorado Springs
    • City Tests New Bicycle Lanes in Northern Colorado Springs
    • Membership Update
    • Special Activities & Rides of Interest!
    • Call for Volunteers: VeloSwap, Oct. 22
    • A Quote to Ponder
    • Greenway-Rock Island-Shooks Run Connector Close to Reality
  • August 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    Download the August/September 2016 Bent Fork Chronicles (PDF)

    • Prez Sez:
    • A Retrospective on the Club’s Second Decade
    • Do You Know: A New Club Jersey is in the Works!
    • Another 30 Year Fact to Consider
    • Infrastructure Improvements Pave Way for Outdoor
    • Recreation
    • What’s Your Meetup IQ?
    • Rider Education: First Round of Ride Leader Training
    • Classes Complete
    • Meet our Newest Sponsor and Long Time Supporter!
    • GOATHEADS - Tribulus Terrestris: Bane of Bowsers and
    • Bicycles
    • Envision Shooks Run!
    • Colorado Springs Legacy Loop – Updates and a Link for
    • More Information
    • Editor's Comments
    • Plan to Attend the Next CSCC Meeting!
    • Cyclists and Art – Here’s the Invitation!
    • Take a look at the Club Mileage for 2016
    • NBC Update - CSCC is Still in the Top Ten Nationally!
    • Cycling Advocacy Update
    • Bike Tech: A Look at Another eBike Conversion Option
    • Have You Experienced Interbike?
    • The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb/USA
    • Cycling Hill Climb National Championship
    • Pedal the Plains: A Fall Ride for Your Calendar
    • Lycra versus Leather: Battle in the Downhill Curves
    • Membership Update
    • Special Activities & Rides of Interest!
    • A Cycling Quote to Ponder
    • Penny-farthings to Panniers: 7 Cycling Words
  • June 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    Download the June/July 2016 Bent Fork Chronicles (PDF)


    • Prez Says
    • Colorado Springs Bike Summit
    • June is Bike Month in Colorado Springs: Mayor Suthers Invites Public to Participate in Bike to Work Day
    • Meetup Features Are a Boon for Riders and Ride Leaders
    • Ride Leader Recognition Event a Success!
    • CSCC’s Early Years: One Member Recalls
    • The Early Days (1993 - 1995) with the Colorado Springs Cycling Club!
    • America! The Cyclist Is Not Your Enemy
    • CDOT Updates Bicycle and Pedestrian Policy
    • Who Keeps Those Trails Clean, Anyhow?
    • National Bike Challenge 2016 – CSCC’s Efforts Noted
    • eBikes and Bike Paths – Do They Mix?
    • Editors’ Comments
    • Learn About the City Bike Planner at the Next Club Meeting
    • Ride Leader Training Scheduled
    • The CSCC Logo Is Changing
    • BVBF is STILL Happening!
    • Come Join Us in Estes Park!
    • Starlight Spectacular is Almost Here
    • A Bikecentennial 40th Anniversary Ride?
    • Elevenmile Canyon – A Ride Explored
    • What Did You Think of the Velodrome?
    • Antelope Trails Bike Safety Rodeo
    • Membership Update
    • Special Activities & Rides of Interest!
    • A Quote to Ponder
    • Bike Tech – USA Cycling Unveils High-Tech Pursuit Bike
  • April 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Anonymous
    Download the April/May 2016 Bent Fork Chronicles (PDF)


    • Prez Says
    • Colorado Springs Rallies around Bicycling
    • With the Appointment of a Bike Coordinator Comes Goals and Challenges
    • CSCC – 30 Years and Still Riding!
    • CSCC – What Does It Mean to You?
    • Calculating the Experience of Riding a Bike
    • Colorado Commuters Bike More Than Almost Any Other State
    • Get ready to Start the 2016 National Bike Challenge
    • Have Any Travel Plans for 2016? Here’s an Idea!
    • A Coalition of Cyclists Brings More Than Just Coordination!
    • Here’s another Source for Ride Planning across the U S of A
    • Special Activities & Rides of Interest!
    • Colorado Springs Cycles Forward to Stop Diabetes
    • Mountain Bikers Taking Notice of New Cycling Hot Spot in Southern Colorado
    • Ever Wonder Why Something’s Not Quite Right with the New Bike
    • Editors’ Comments
    • Come See the Covered Velodrome at the April Club Meeting!
    • Have You Checked Your Miles for 2016?
    • Empty Bowls Benefit Ice Cream Social
    • CSCC Dues Change to Implement on 1 April
    • Pikes Peak Region Trails and Open Space: Rich History, Abundant Assets, Promising Future
    • Want to Relax and Help Cyclists, Too?
    • Mechanical Doping – How Does A Road Bike With A Hidden Motor Ride?
    • More than Just a Helmet Liner
    • Cycling Shorts: Five Great Essays
    • Bike Tech: Ever Wonder about Rear Wheel Hubs?
    • Future Bike Tech – Bike Design without UCI Rules?
    • More Future Bike Tech – What’s Next in the Bike Gear World?
    • Membership Update
    • A Quote (or Two) to Ponder
  • February 01, 2016 12:00 AM | Anonymous

    Download the February/March 2016 Bent Fork Chronicles (PDF)


    • Prez Sez
    • Recipients of the 2015 Awards from CSCC
    • "Passing the Baton" of the Presidency
    • Ride Facilitators – We Can’t Live Without You
    • Governor Announces 16 Highest Priority Trail Projects
    • e-Bikes – Past, Present and… Possibly in Your Future?
    • 15 Thoughts Cyclists Have While Riding
    • Colorado Pedals Project – An Update
    • The Who's Your Hero Project
    • Know a Previous Recipient of the CSCC Volunteer of the Year Award?
    • Editors Comments
    • BVBF 2016 – Registration is Now Open!
    • Volunteer Opportunities – Provide Help & Have Fun, Too!
    • Another Volunteer or Ride Opportunity
    • Socially Yours...
    • CSCC Holiday Party – A Photographic Compendium
    • Interested in the Future of Cycling?
    • Bicycle Ballet – Don’t Try This at Home!
    • Bicycling Skills 123+ Program in 2016
    • Membership Update
    • Special Activities & Rides of Interest!
    • A Quote to Ponder

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