NBC Final Results for CSCC Team

Linked below are summary charts for CSCC 2014 National Bike Challenge Team. We finished 12th Nationally of 1,265 teams. We scored more points and rode more miles than our 2013 team.

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Oct Meeting Minutes

Linked below are the minutes of the October Membership Meeting

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Sep Meeting Minutes

Dale and Sharon provided the linked minutes to the September Membership Meeting.

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The 2014 Annual Mystery Ride UPDATED

Lee Murphy's 3rd Annual Mystery Bike Ride was Saturday, August 9th.

The Third Annual Mystery Ride began at American the Beautiful Park and included 7 stops to the East, Central and South of town. The stops included:

1. The Evergreen Cemetery. We heard about its origin, growth, and toured a 100 year old chapel, complete with a elevator to transport coffins from the basement to the sanctuary for services.

2. At the Money Museum on N. Cascade Ave we learned about its services, multi-million dollar coin collections and the mission of this national headquarter.

3. Seeds Community Restaurant in the alleyway next to Josh & Johns on Pikes Peak Ave for some refreshments and beverages where the diners decide how much to pay for their meals.

4. The Colorado Springs School on Broadmoor Avenue. A Private school for grades K-12 with approximately 400 students from around the world. An architectural landmark

5. The Spencer & Julie Penrose home which now serves as the home to the El Pomar, a philanthropic Organization also located near the Broadmoor Hotel.

6. The Pauline Chapel locate behind the Broadmoor Hotel. Riders got to sit in the sanctuary and hear about its history and see million dollar artifacts.

7. The Carnegie Library located downtown was donated to the city by Andrew Carnegie to convey to visitors that Colorado Springs was a cultured city. It was and remains a landmark facility whose design was ahead of its time.

Each stop included a 15 minute briefing by a knowledgeable employee who was thoroughly familiar with the origin, history and mission of the organization. Each briefing was followed by a five minute Q&A session. The 65 attendees thoroughly enjoyed the 4 ¾ hour tour and make it one of the CSCC’s most popular rides. (Group pic in front of Penrose House by Vern Pitcher)

Denny e-bike

Vern found this and forwarded to me. Denny e-bike, winner of Oregon Manifest's "Bike Design Contest". Interesting, it is promised in 2015 for production but no hint what it might cost. It is a "city utility bike" and it has a kick stand.

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Rides This Week

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Hi All,

Progressive Dinner Ride is Sunday Oct 26th, NOON, from Acacia Park.  A Club EMAIL blast was sent to members.  Details are in the Ride Calendar.

Club Meeting was Tuesday (10/7) at the Garden of the God's Citizen Service Center in our usual 1st floor conference room by the west door (Rm 1019 - Event Room A).  The minutes are contained in the news item in the left column.   The BVBF committee provided a wrap up of the 2014 June event.  BVBF 2015 will be June 6th.  The next Club meeting will be at Ivywild Nov 4th (election night away from the Citizen Service Center)  Snacks at 6pm and meeting at 6:30p.  This will be more of an Open House Information meeting. 

Barb and I spent 10 days on the road in mid Sept.  We ended up in Sacramento CA for our oldest son's wedding.  We are still recovering around the house from the trip, things were fast and furious when we returned.  We rode our bikes around the South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento trails.  While in Tahoe, we rode up to the Heavenly Ski area parking lot and commuted between CA and Nevada a few days - just because we could.  The wedding was in the Sacramento Cathedral and all the events were within walking distance of the Sheraton - it was a special weekend for us and our family.  Lots happened in the following weeks AND Barb finished her working relationship with Hancock Fabric, retired in a sense that she is planning to not work any more.  We might get to ski more this winter.

Kerry Hefta and Bill Gast are leading the October Sunday Social Rides.  The Social Ride returns to its normal start location at Acacia Park.  See the Ride Calendar for details.

Ride chairperson Jean Zeh says we still need Ride Leaders to step up for the Saturday Road Ride and Sunday Hill Climb Rides.  EMAIL her ( ) with comments, questions, or to volunteer. 

National Bike Challenge started May 1st - and ended Sept 30th.  Our team name is Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014.  We had 115 team members and everyone posted miles.  We finished in 8th place among 1,265 national teams for Sep and 12th for the entire Challenge In Colorado we were the #1 Team in Aug and Sept, and finished 2nd for the entire Challenge behind the Bike Commuter Cabal that has 117 members but only 5 from CO???

Peggy Seidel (573-5050  is making her way though her cancer treatments.  It was great to see her at the Jul 20th Picnic.  Ronaele Foss (351-9775 
) is in assisted living on Centennial Blvd and recovering from her back fractures and other things.  They appreciate calls, EMAILs, or visits from the Club.

A STOP sign means stop at those intersections.  At least put one foot on the ground.  This applies to everyone riding in the group, not just the ride leader.

Charlie Czar    719-266-0776