Dave Horne Died Aug 12th

Dave Horne's Celebration of Life service was Tuesday Aug 19th. He was 83 years old and had lived in C Springs for over 40 years. Dave was a retired AF major - a veteran. Dave joined the Club in 2000, and earned the Club's annual Volunteer of the Year Award in 2012. The link to Dave's Swan obit is below - you can visit and sign the guest book. We had a lot of Club members attend Dave's service - most wearing the Club's jersey. Thanks to all that attended. Keep Rita and her family in your prayers. This picture of Dave was taken by Vern Pitcher.

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Dinner Ride for pro challenge week

The Club opened our weekly Monday Dinner Ride on Aug 18th to everyone in Colorado Springs as part of the Pro Challenge week celebration. We had 49 people sign the ride sheets and join us cruising the west side of town. Other people met us at Rudy's BBQ so over 60 people ate on Rudy's BBQ patio. The city's mobile bike racks were set up in the parking lot to make parking our bikes easy and protected. Thanks to Bob Smith for the evening's planning and route selection.

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Pro Challenge TV Coverage

Link below is the TV coverage during the week of the race.

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Colorado Springs Cycling Club (CSCC)

CSCC is in its 28th year as a club, we have over 420 members at the end of July. The Club By-Laws are linked below. Club officers are (L to R) Charlie Czarniecki (President), Janine Hegeman (Vice President), Sharon Boyd (Secretary), and Sara Hill (Treasurer). Club meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month, generally at Event A Conference Room (rm 1019) at the City's Garden of the Gods Citizens Service Center.

We ride in the greater Pikes Peak area of Colorado. We are recreational riders on mostly road/trail rides with some mountain bike rides. CSCC celebrated its 25th year in 2011. Club rides are scheduled throughout the year. In the past 10 years we averaged 350 members - 230 a year signing in for at least 1 Club ride. Club mileage is tracked from the ride sheets that are signed before each ride. We average 230 scheduled rides during the year. The annual cumulative total of member-miles ridden over the last 9 years has ranged between 60,000 to 90,000 miles a year.

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US Pro Challenge Team Rosters

Team rosters were released on Aug 8th. Check link below for teams and riders.

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McD treats Olde Phearts Riders

A McD national PR firm contacted the Club last month. They said they liked the name Olde Phearts Ride and offered to give the riders a free breakfast during a ride. We have both a Tuesday and Thursday ride from different start points and with different ride leaders. They did it for both rides - eating at the downtown location. We had 14 people on 8/12 (pic by Dan Martin) and 10 on 8/14. Thank you McDonalds!

The 2014 Annual Mystery Ride

Lee Murphy's 3rd Annual Mystery Bike Ride was Saturday, August 9th. Over 65 people rode to 7 mystery locations. We were back at ATB Park at 1:15p as it began to shower a little. Look for more details to be added to this news item shortly. (group pic in front of Penrose House by Vern Pitcher)

Bike Library Starts

First "Bike Library" Opens in Colorado Springs

KOAA-8/9/2014 Video Link: Kelsey Kennedy

Chris Lieber mentioned the Bike Library during his presentation to the Club Meeting on 8/5. He provided the video link of a News 5 story on 8/9.

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TOSC Presents Certificate to CSCC

Susan Davies (Executive Director) of Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) attended the Club's Aug Meeting. She presented the Club a framed art work for the 20th Annual Starlight Spectacular giving special thanks for our sponsorship and support for the 20 years of this ride.

US Pro Challenge C Springs Schedule

An updated Colorado Springs Pro Challenge schedule is linked below.

The Club is hosting the city on our Aug 18th Dinner Ride (individual orders & checks).

The Club is also helping staff the Acacia Park Bike Valet on Race Day (Aug 21st). Dave VanDerWege (719-373-3943) is coordinating our help and is seeking volunteers for a few hours that day.

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US Pro Challenge Race is coming to town

The US Pro Challenge is coming to Colorado Springs for the 3rd time in 4 years. They will have a 4 lap circuit race around town on Thursday Aug 21st. We have the opportunity to line the course and watch the race as well as VOLUNTEER to be on the course as a course marshal (SEE LINK). THE CLUB'S AUG 18TH MONDAY NIGHT DINNER RIDE WILL HOST THE CITY AS AN EARLY CITY RACE EVENT. It will start at America the Beautiful Park and eat at Rudy's BBQ (as usual - INDIVIDUAL ORDERS & CHECKS). We'll post more race info here as we get closer to the event.

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Denny e-bike

Vern found this and forwarded to me. Denny e-bike, winner of Oregon Manifest's "Bike Design Contest". Interesting, it is promised in 2015 for production but no hint what it might cost. It is a "city utility bike" and it has a kick stand.

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June Meeting Minutes

The June Club Meeting Minutes are provided by Sharon Boyd and linked below.

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Liebers complete Family Trans-American Bike tour

CONGRATS TO TEAM/FAMILY LIEBER!!! They returned home July 3rd about 10:30pm. The Liebers (L to R Chris, Vicki, Evan & Lydia in this picture from Astoria OR) completed their journey across the United States over 7 summers (2 weeks at a time) totals 4,422 miles, spanning 103 days. Included within these 103 days are 7 rest days. The most days they rode in a row without a day off was 15. They averaged 46 miles per day. The furthest they pedaled in a day was 89, aided by a strong tailwind in Kansas. The fewest number of miles ridden in a day was 13 in Kansas (the day after riding 89 miles the fickle winds changed direction over night and we had to battle ferocious headwinds).

They are incredibly grateful to have their dear friend (and Club member) Chris Davenport (right in picture), who pedaled every pedal stroke with them from Breckenridge CO to the Pacific Ocean, as a vital member of Team Lieber. She has seen our family at its best and it's worst, injected fresh conversation, perspective and humor when we needed it most, and inspired us to find and celebrate the good that happens each day.

We'll have more words and pictures in the next Club Bent Fork.

May Meeting Minutes

The May Club Meeting Minutes are provided by Sharon Boyd and linked below

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Join the national bike challenge

Join the League of American Bicyclists 3rd annual National Bike Challenge (NBC). Click on the link below, then click on the red Join link in the center of the page. From there you enter your EMAIL address and create a password. With that done, fill out your profile. At this point you can post a picture from your computer hard drive to represent you. You can sign up for our team by searching for and joining "Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014" (you don't have to be a Club member to join our team). Make sure you hit the "save" button on the bottom of the page to capture all the data. Now you are ready to enter ride data from the first of the month. Ride safe and update often.

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Rides This Week

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Hi All,

Our Monday Dinner Ride on Aug 18th kicked off the city's Pro Challenge race week. Read the many Pro Challenge related articles in the left news column.  We had a dozen club members help staff the city's Bike Valet during Thursday's Pro Challenge Race.  We helped between 2 - 5 p.   That part went really well.  I stayed until 6:30 to help load Deb's van with most of the equipment while some of the last bike riders came back to claim their bikes.  We were curbside on Tejon on that last lap when Jens got caught and then slowed down to wave to the crowd.  It was a super effort by him and just 800 meters short of his goal.  The Pro Challenge was listed on the Ride Calendar as a "Destination Ride" so anyone who made it downtown needs to send those miles to Jean Zeh ) .

Dave Horne's funeral was Aug 19th.  Thanks to everyone that was able to attend.

Board of Directors meeting is at our house
next Tuesday.  Snacks start at 6:30p and meeting at 7.

The Club meeting was Aug 5th at the Garden of the God's Citizen Service Center in our usual 1st floor conference room by the west door (Rm 1019 - Event Room A).  TOSC presented a Sponsor Award to the Club for our support for the Starlight Spectacular.  Chris Lieber provided an update to the City's Park and Trail programs.  Then the Lieber family shared their 7-year adventure crossing the US on bike with us.  They created a very neat 17-minute video that broke their journey into 7 chapters.  Thirty-five people attended the meeting.  Minutes will be posted in the news column when they are completed.

Dennis Struck is leading the August Sunday Social Rides from Acacia Park.  See the Ride Calendar for details.  The Sept Social Ride will depart from Monument Valley Park parking lot.  See the Ride Calendar for details.

The Ride for Heroes is coming up Sept 13th.  Check for details and registration.

Sinton Trail 2013 flood damage between Centennial and Chestnut was completed in late July.  Rock reinforcement was put on the eroded curve, a new fence installed, and a pavement cap makes it a hard surface ride.  Recent flood events left sand/mud on some of the lower portions of the trail.  It is still a good ride for skinny tire bikes.

Ride chairperson Jean Zeh says we still need Ride Leaders to step up for the Saturday Road Ride and Sunday Hill Climb Rides.  EMAIL her ( ) with comments, questions, or to volunteer. 

National Bike Challenge started May 1st.  Our team name is Colorado Springs Cycling Club 2014.  As of Aug 21th we had 112 team members and 111 had posted miles.  We are 9th among 1,242 national teams for Aug and 14th for the entire Challenge In Colorado we are the #1 Team, just ahead of the Bike Commuter Cabal that has 111 members but only 5 are from CO???

Larry Wilson (313-969-0605  is home recovered from his accident on Fountain Blvd, they were out on a tandem in early Aug and claim to be off the "injured list"  ;-)  .  Peggy Seidel (573-5050  is making her way though her cancer treatments.  It was great to see her at the Jul 20th Picnic.  Ronaele Foss (351-9775 
) is in assisted living on Centennial Blvd and recovering from her back fractures and other things.  They appreciate calls, EMAILs, or visits from the Club.

A STOP sign means stop at those intersections.  At least put one foot on the ground.  This applies to everyone riding in the group, not just the ride leader.

Charlie Czar    719-266-0776